baby clowns day 5

Just wanted to let everyone know, my clown fish eggs hatched about 5 days ago and I have 30-40 doing fantastic. Everyone cross their fingers.
Thanks, now day 6 and you can tell they are getting bigger. My basemant looks like a science projet gone bad, last night my clowns spawned and laid another batch of eggs.
This could turn out to be a blessing, and help pay for my hobbies..


hope they do well how much do you think you will sell them to the store for because Im gonna do the same that you did breed then sell to the store.
:cheer: :happyfish


Congrats!! What type of clowns?
Wish my pair of black ocellaris would start laying eggs.
I have tried pics but they come out blured I think I will have my wife try she is better at those things than me, but do not tell her, they are true percs. had them about 3 years the have been spawning about a year now. This is my second attempt at raising the litter. I have been doing alot of reading and this site has helped a bunch.
Forgot to mention they are eating freshly hatche brine shrimp now
I can not keep it coming fast enough. They go crazy as soon as it hits the water.
Now day 9 only eating brine shrimp, and a few starting to eat crusher flake food I now have about 35 fish. What to do with all these fish :thinking:
day 14, they are starting to turn orange,also last night my second batch hatched, got almost 100 no deaths yet. As for my firs batch, some are also starting to get the white stripe up by their head. This is pretty cool my wife thinks i am about to go crazy all I do is take care of my fish. My basement looks like a lfs. I will try t get pics later I will have to bribe my wife she is better than I at that stuff.
Percula clowns. they do have an anemone-sebae, I did by them together but they were in separate tanks. Had them and anemone for about 3 years, and they have been spawning for about 1 year I believe. I just now started trying to raise them. Also my new batch of babies are going on day 4 and starting to eat hatched brine.


Come on,'ve gotta post some pictures soon. I'm dying here! :) I don't care if they're blurry. How fun to see all those tiny baby clowns.
OK, I'm attaching pictures. The babies are still not real big yet so they are kind of blurry. I will post more as soon as I can come up with some better ones. I'm also posting pictures of the parents.:happy: