Bang Guy, need your help


I ordered a clown fish from a site, about a month ago, for my daughters cycled 20 gallon aquarium in her room. Well, after many emails and phone came. It came today...and its about this big: _______ No kiddin, how do I feed this tiny little thing? I have been crumbling flakes into tiny bits and he seems pretty hungry....what advice can you give me,
Thank you very very much,


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mine where about that big when i got them. they are doing great. keep crumbling and they will prob eat mysis shrimp too
Here is one of my little ones showing you his fin


Thanks Teresa.
I can't believe how little this guy is...if I put him in with other fish I'm sure they'd make a meal outa him. I tried the mysis, but it's too big, he ignores it, it's half his size. Thanks again.


Not Bang Guy....but...maybe this will help (maybe not). My clowns were about that big when I got them. LFS said approx. 2 months old. They did not eat for 7 days. Live brine scared them to death. Mysis was too big and they ran for cover when it hit the tank. After the 7 days they ate crumbled up prime reef flake and cyclopeeze (crack cocaine to my clowns). I was worried about their diet and lack thereof so I started adding zoe and zoecon. It's now 3 months later and they eat anything I put in the tank.


Have you tryed frozen food? When i first got my percula clown it was about 3 quarters to an inch. Now its about 2.5 inches. At the begining I would get a block of frozen food and cut it into really thin slices and i would use that Marine Multi-Pack. I also mixed flakes in to it as well to make sure its chances of eating were pretty Good. I cut those slices at about 1/16 or 1/8. To be honest with u i still cut the frozen food today just because all my livestock got use to it and I also got a Lil clown gobie whos mouth isnt as big as the food. Anyhow Good luck and im sure your clown will eat just give it some time. It might still be a lil fritend to its new enviroment.:happy: