blue hippo tang


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im very advanced in the hoby i found how to ind..hippo tang and now start to breed the fish in the wild they living in smal groups 2 individual up to 10 fish each group 1 or 2 males in the tank is very hard to spawn the fish need big tank and every 36 days stop the power heads and the filter just leaving only moon light end air pump b11 runing collect all the eggs and put in the breed tank . babis eat phitoplanction try to creat the food 15 before can be in 5 gall low light babis take 28 days to start eat dry food


I'm not buying it. They have not even been able to accomplish this in very advanced systems. If you were capable of breeding these guys in captivity, you'd have numerous job offers


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Sounds too good to be true. But I do have to say that I have read in reef hobbyist magazine that someone did record some spawning behavior of blue hippo tangs in a home aquarium.
I don't believe that it resulted in any fry or anything like that. But it seemed legit enough to publish. (Reef hobbyist is that free mag you get at the LFS so idk about their reputation)
I'll try to find the copy and give the issue info.


I don't doubt spawning, but as of now they are impossible to actually get anything from the spawning

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After you gather the eggs they will hatch very quickly, just a day or two. A company in Taiwan claims they can raise them to saleable size but I'm a skeptic until there is proof.


On a bittersweet note. If anyone out there can get a viable spawn and then keep the fry till they are of "Sellable size" this will be a good thing. I know these fish are being harvested from the ocean like crazy, and it will only get worse when "Finding Dory" Comes out. There are going to be even more people, trying to shove them into 10-55 gallon aquariums and crying because they all die. Hell I have a 125 gallon tank and you wont catch me owning one either, just feels "WAY" too small for an open ocean fish."