Blue Tang + what is this?


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image.jpeg image.jpeg We bought a Blue Tang today & when I got it home & under our tank light I noticed part of his black part in its back looks lighter almost faded. First time with a Blue Tang & don't know if this is normal or a sign it's sick. I have it in quanitine to be safe.
I see no white spots so I don't think it's ick. It just looks faded. Any ideas?
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I can't really tell from the picture. It could be stress. It could be her age, mine was about the size of a dime when I got her and didn't have great color, often she was almost transparent, I can't tell how big she is from the picture. Do you have a big enough tank for her? Since she is in QT and there are no other signs of a problems, I'd observe her closely for the next month, make sure the water quality is good, feed her high quality foods and plenty of plant based food like algae sheets. Be prepared to treat quickly if it becomes necessary. Otherwise, if you don't already have them, I'd make sure you have basic meds on hand.

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Hippos really wedge themselves in the rock work at night. it could be the cause. My hippo gets the same white irritation from time to time had it two days ago. today he looks like this