Breeding clarkii clownfish

How do u get normal clarkiis to have misbar or semi picasso or even real picasso clowns!?
I have a pair of clarkiis normal .. They can't breed yet there still juveniles there yellow one if getting some black ploughed small.. Do u think they will both turn black!?


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Your clowns should have that gene if you want to produce the weird color morphs. If your clowns don't have the gene to make misbar clowns, then it just won't happen. It's genetics.
If you definitely want misbars, buy two misbar clowns to begin with. Your chances increase greatly. A normal clarkii clown can not produce picasso clowns. If you want picasso clowns, buy picasso clowns and breed them.

bang guy

Although Snake is correct that it's genetic, most healthy Clownfish will not be misbars even if they have the gene. Malnurished Clownfish have a much greater chance of becomming misbars.