BTA in trouble plz help


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Clowns don't need an anemone, in fact they may never bond with one. Mine liked the intake, and output tubes of my canister filter. Get an anemone only if you really like them, they are a huge pain in the butt to keep. They find their own happy place, and it usually isn't where you want it to settle. They all sting and kill any fish stupid enough to get too close. You have to cover all intakes so it doesn't get itself sucked up and die, poisoning the tank as it goes. They need near perfect water conditions, and the strong light.

They are beautiful, and I understand why you would want one, but I had to get rid of my beautiful fish killer, and swore to never get another one.
That's true. However you can also do what I did to stop an overzelous large maroon and two medium clowns from stressing my nems I used egg crate and partitioned off a section just for the two bubble tips. I also have two large brittle star fish that I wanted kept away from the nems due to stealing of the nems food. The partition solved the issues.