Carribean play sand???

Use 2" PVC. Get a length of it that's longer than the depth of your tank. Then pour the sand in the top, and target where you want it. This method is a little tricky if you're by yourself, but it works very well for keeping the storm down.


ooooooh.....GREAT idea spline! I also heard of using PVC or a big (new and clean) car oil funnel to direct the sand straight to the bottom.

bang guy

The sandstorm prevents air pockets and coats the grains with bacteria a little bit faster. There's not going to be anything in your tank to see so why would you care if it's cloudy?


Ah, thanks bang.
I only cared because I dont really have a good place to put my temp tank for an extended amount of time. A lingering sandstorm will just cause unsightly settling on the aquascaping. I know its not a huge problem, but if it takes less effort to prevent a blizzard in the first place than it does to clean it off the rocks after it settles...
Airbubbles is a good enough reason for me to deal with some cloudiness I suppose. :thinking: