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Execellent seller, great communication and an amazing deal, I would definitely do business with him again.


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this guy rocks. sent him my money and shipping supplies, he turned it around the next day. got a lil extra in the box too, might i add.
a cool cat imo....

gold strip

If this guy tries to sell anything, dont trust him. Liar sold me a skimmer. Paid 6/10, he claimed it shipped 6/16! Have not heard from him since. Actually got it 6/23 and was shipped priority overnight at 7:06 6/20 after I emailed him that I was filing a Paypal claim. The skimmer was stated to be in perfect working order with no cracks or breaks. The rim is broken off the collection cup making it completely unusable. He has still not responded to any emails or Paypal claim. He has been frozen from selling on the other board where I bought this. He uses Jennifer White's Paypal to transact. Her address is DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO THIS LIAR/CHEAT!


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He purchased some acrylic I had up in the classifieds.
Paid via personal check (at my request) A bit slow of process but completley not the fault of buyer.
Good clear communication and easy to deal with. Hope you enjoy the build.
Glad it went to a good home. Thanks for the patience with the slower than normal proccess.