Clean Up Crew For Lions?


Well like the title says I am wonderign what the best candidates for a clean up crew for lion fish would be? I know these thigns will eat anything they can fit in there mouth so most of the smallers crabs and shrimp are out... I havent decided which species yet so it could be dwarfs or some of the big boys.
Any suggestions?


I've had no issues keeping: starfish, cukes, urchins, and hermit crabs in a tank full of lionfish.
Depending on the eel and trigger type its a different story. peebletoothed eels(zebra, snowflake, chainlink) and some fangtoothed eels (such as golden morays) will not bother starfish, hermits & cukes. Others will.
In regards to triggers-- planktonic-feeding triggers (bluechin, pinktail, nigers, etc) wont bother starfish, urchins or cukes and depending on how big the hermit are- they might be left alone- Any trigger w/ its mouth facing forward will feast on hermits, urchins, and nip at stars& cukes- petty much NO cleanup crew


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I throw in snails since no one has mentioned it yet, any kind would be safe with lions, big or small is fine


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Originally Posted by jarrod13
I throw in snails since no one has mentioned it yet, any kind would be safe with lions, big or small is fine
For Eels & Lions
+1...Snails, Snails, and more snails.
Maybe a few hermits as well. I say few so they don't hunt your snails.
For Lg Wrasses and Triggers you may be out of luck with ANY cleaning crew. They will crush and eat almost everything.


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IMO, a CUC is the most over-rated and unnecessary invention in the history of this hobby. Great marketing job though!


IMHO, it's all in determining the CORRECT CUC for a given system. i agree that the "marketing" thing is wrong, as how can anyone but the aquarist know what their system needs?


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I guess i was a little crabby on my post above. Crabs, snails, etc, can add a lot of appeal to a tank. Snails may even be slightly beneficial. My gripe is with the growing misconception that a "CUC" is a vital part of success in our hobby. It isn't. I've seen countless posts, mostly from new hobbiests, who have been sold the idea that adding a "CUC" is an important step in establishing a healthy tank; almost as important as cycling, proper lighting, etc. If you like the little critters, and they fit into your set-up---great. But if they don't---no big deal. Also, (IMO), keeping hermits in a tank that uses LR to produce pods and other small food items, is a mistake. Hermit crabs are carnivores and compete with the fish that eat the food produced in the LR.