Clown Fish in Trouble


I purchased a Marroon Clown about 3 Months ago. We'll now for the last week or so he won't eat. I can't figure this out because if he didn't eat for a week he would be dead, But now he is starting to sit on the bottom and do nothing.
A = 0
PH = 8.3
Nitrate = 20
Nitrite = 0
SL = .25
I tried garlic extreme and mysis. Also tried flake food and feeding him at dif times.
Thanks in advance. Without help i'm sure he will die.



That is his color since i got him. I have a QT but there is a hermit crab in there atm about the size of a baseball and if he swims to close to the bottom he is a goner.


Hope you find an answer...that is exactly how my Clarkii clown is acting right now (but he doesn't have any blotches, etc...color and eyes look good, etc). Wish me luck...good luck to you as well!


Yea they are more like discolored portions of his skin. But he has been perfectly find for 3 months until last week. I did a partial water change just now. I can't medicate this tank as my Choco Star is in this one.


Go to the disease on the first thread, and look at the clown that has Brooklynella.....Does it look like that to you???

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i was gonna say looks like brooklynea (sp) to me. BOTH of my maroons had it when i got them, and they couldnt get rid of it totally for about 9 months (okay Im not the best at QT we'll just say).
Mine is laying on the bottom like that and not eating either... doesn't look like hes sick at all... hes just laying there. I just did a water change an hes swimming a little now. I wish u the best of luck.