Colorfull anemones


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Can you guys post pictures, with names of colorfull anemones that you have. I am looking to get one, and just want to see what all is out there. I really like the purple lta, but have been told they are hard to keep. I also like the rose bta, and the blue carpet anemone. Any info/pictures would be very helpfull.


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This is a tube anemone I had. Tube Anemones reside with their tube buried in the sandbed. I read when I researched them that they dont survive well without a deep sandbed. They do NOT host clowns and some places site them as being fish eaters. They are also one of the few anemones that don't require halides to flourish.
This picture was taken while it was in transit. It decided it didn't like its location in the sand bed so it moved. My roomate caught him in the act. The only reason I got rid of him is because I don't have adequate room on my sandbed for him and his long tentacles posed a threat to my LPS.


bang guy

This is the Rose Bubble-Tip from the Seneca Park Zoo Reef Tank (That I help maintain). For Reference, to Sohol is over 14" long.
ps - Check out the Birdsnest...



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I don't have anything other then one miniscule curly q anenome and 2 tube anenomes. The 2 tube anenomes are pretty cool though and colorful. Both look a million times better then what they do in the pics and they haven't ate any fish thus far and have both for 7 months and counting.



here's my carpet or saddle whichever you want to call it. I got him he was about 4" now when he expands he's about 14". I had to cut back his feedings because he grows to fast if I feed him. I still feed about once a week a whole med shrimp. He is under a 400w 14k mh.


Here's my sebae and my favorite little clown. The sebae is a lot darker then the picture shows, the flash washed him out. But he is really beautiful, brown with purple tips.