Coral Keepers 180 gallon reef diary.


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that is why a choose acrylic again because i broke so many glass tank.
sorry for the loss
i hope you start over again

gill again68

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Man that sucks!
I really wish people would be banned from posting tank failures. Every time I read these I glance at my tank and shiver. Its only 90 gals but if you spill a cup of water on the floor it doesnt take long to figure how much a gallon would cover and so on.
So sorry for the loss. The tank was looking real good.


Look at the first pick in this thread, the back has seams with rounded front corners, the crack appears to be on one of the rounded front corners.


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sorry to hear this bro. sucks to know this happened to an amazing tank
atleast you got your baby tanks still

florida joe

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glass bending is very expensive all of the larger volume seamless tanks are rounded in the front and seemed at the back


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Bummer! That really sucks. The only good news, which isn't good, is that you learned something, so it shouldn't happen again in the future.


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yeah, does look like bent glass front corners. I would've thought that the solid piece of glass would have been stronger than a seam... How old was the tank? Is this a common problem with the bent glass fronts?