coralline algae

Just wondering but I have what "I" thought was red hair algae. I took pictures and went to my LFS to get a positive ID, I was told it looks like it could be coralline. LFS suggested to try to wipe it off the rocks, if it is Ez to wipe off it's red hair algae and that's all I got about that one that topic. So when I got my new live rock from "" the algae would not wipe off it's was rooted in good, further more the rocks I took out off the water then put back in looked Browne once back in the water. Now it's back to the original look be for I took it out. Looking on the web I see lots of different color coraline algae.So my Q? Is how meny strain of coraline algae is there.


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The yellow will turn to green, the pink to purple, the almost white to blue and the light red will turn to dark velvet red. Now this is just a thought, no scientific evidence or anything. However it seems to me that the chemicals in your water determines the color. My tank had all purple coraline pieces, but it turned to the dark red over the years. Then when I moved to Illinois, the blue took over, and I had almost no red coraline left. There "strains" of coralline algae are what Bang Guy explained....From your post, I think what you are asking is what are the different colors it comes in.