Crocea and Maxima pics

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But wont it move to where it's happy? and what if it moves to the bottom?
Yes and you can use that to your advantage. Clams like the most elimination and gentle flow. If you have a clam that likes a sandy bottom you make a shelf higher up in your tank add a sand bed to that shelf and try your clam there.
Here is my Derasa doing very well on the bottom and my Maxima perched on a rock doing equally as well
BTW Meowzer if I have said it once I have said it a thousand times “you do have a beautiful clam” umm I mean clams


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if we upgraded to better bulbs for our tank is it possible to have a Derasa clam? The reading I have done has also said that kind is the best for beginners. I know hubby wants to get better bulbs for our T5 lights, but would that be enough or would we have to get metal hallides for our 56 gallon before considering a clam?
I have one at the bottom of my 90G. That tank has 4 bulb T5's and he does just fine. He even did good with the crappy
Wavepoint bulbs that came in my fixture. My clams seem a little happier under the much better ATI bulbs that I have now.