DeMartini's ADA Reef


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Thanks girls! =)
I have spent a lot of time looking for some around here, but it seems that they are really only found in Southern California.
I just purchased 4 different morphs from another reefer today and they should be here next week

coral keeper

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Originally Posted by DeMartini
You don't even want to know how much I just spent on 4 anemones. I get them next week, so you can tell me if they are worth the price then lol
How much did you spend on the 4 anemones if you don't mind me asking? lol


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Originally Posted by meowzer
I still would like ONE...

haha they are very pretty.
Originally Posted by SOVIETTACO
Maybe you will get lucky and they will split. Then you could get a little money back.
These ones don't split, but I can cut them and I plan to.
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you must have a really good job..
A really good boyfriend who loves me

Originally Posted by Coral Keeper

*Dies from a heart attack* WOW! That is CRAZY expensive!!! That's $125 each. lol
I actually got a really good deal on them. I got about $125 off for taking all four.


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I have been buying a lot of stuff for my new tank, so my ADA is just packed with corals all over the place. It's kind of a mess so I'd rather not post a FTS. lol.