do u think this will work?


hey just wondering if ne 1 ever thaught of doing this and if it would even work it would drain in to the sump. instead of using an overflow box

bang guy

It looks to me like it should work really well.
I do something very similar with my experiment tanks.
The only problem I've experienced is that after a couple of months bubbles tend to collect and stop the siphon and it's a pain to restart.
If you're going to try it I suggest using two in case one stops due to the bubbles.
Note - The terminator in the sump must ALLWAYS be under water with the design shown. Another option is to have the terminator "U" back up. This doesn't eliminate the problem, but it does help a lot.


you can also, drill a small hole the same size of a small hose, and silicone the hose into the hole. than use your mouth the start the syphon, and use a one way valve to stop the end of the hose. this is how I did mine when i built it some what like yours.

bang guy

I've changed my mind.
I just looked and I have the containers side by side.
I think the siphon effect is going to pull the water too fast with that size drop and that will eventually pull air & stop the siphon.
Sorry... I don't think I thought it through when I looked the first time.