Dying Anemones

Steve F

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Good morning , I have purchased for the first time two anemones for my newly started tank. When I brought them home they began put out a white discharge and shrunk up. Not sure what is going on I check my water and everything looks great but did not want them to die.


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Anemones are best suited in established tanks, they don’t usually thrive in new tanks, the white color is from the bleaching which means the nem is sick


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If the discharge is from the mouth, it's most likely the stomach contents. This can sometimes be a common reaction to environmental shock. If they are oozing from the foot. Get them out asap. That's a sign of decay and will foul your system very quickly.


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Wow advice giving is not good. Many things could be going on. But first start out with how long your tank been setup. What is you water test reading. Your lights? And most important what kind of anemone?
Anemone do very bad in shipping. I say 50% survivor rate. Hardy ones will do better. Condy, rock anemone etc. what you don’t want to see after a day is the mouth still gaping open. So more info is needed to better help. Good luck.

bang guy

for my newly started tank.
The new tank is the issue.

Give the Anemone to someone with an established tank or back to the store.

Once your tank has been established for a year or so and you have proper lighting and water flow you can try again.