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Why take out the other fish? Did that one get ick too.:notsure:
I read it as only the yellow got ick.
And, i'm sorry for your loss. I would def get a ten gallon with a heater and a small HOB filter for the future.


well if one is getting ick why wouldn't the other....seems sort of wierd....usually ick spreads like crazy


reefer44, for some reason, my clown didn't get it this time. i know it spreads because the first time my tank had it, everyone got it. my tang was the first that i noticed to get it and it happened when i was introducing a new fish to my tank. after about six months, my clown and tang were doing great and i decided to add another fish. again, my tang got ick and both the new fish and my tang died from it. and yet again, the tang was the first to get it and it spread to the new fish.
i really think that he was just a fragile fish, i shouldn't have added another fish to the tank, this might now have happend at all. :nope:
oh and my tank has been up and running for over about a year and a half or two years.....i'd have to look at my 'fish date book'.
thank you for your help