Finally got it right


After a great deal of trouble (marine velvet, green algae and cyno), my 750g is finally on the right track. In just 4 days, the new lighting (2 48" 4x54w T-5) two 55w UV's and the two hydor 4's, and another 20% water change eradicated nearly all of my green algae and cyno. All of the cupramine was finally removed with almost a month of cuprisorb. A little more fine tuning and I should be in a postion to add LR and send some picts. Thanks for everyone's help
750!! Awesome tank glad you got it going strong, we must see pics. What are you planning on doing with it? I'm guessing FOWLR?


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Yes YES We demand pics!!! And, just for opinions sake, that would be the most awesome reef tank EVER. Of course it would only take about 20 or so years for it to