Flame vs. Bicolor



I don't know about the bi-color but my flame nipped at ALL the corals. I had to take him out or I would've had no corals left.


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Originally Posted by RCreations
I don't know about the bi-color but my flame nipped at ALL the corals. I had to take him out or I would've had no corals left.
if i remeber correctly, i think i read somewhere that your best bet is a coral beauty or a bicolor.


There's no guarantee with any angel. If they're provided with plenty of food, they're less likely to do it. I have a Coral Beauty who does not touch my corals, but she prefers the taste of $50 Anthias


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Originally Posted by Life~Reefer
RCreations I have heard of this happening but then Nycbob has one living in his reef without problems.
Yep, as BTL states, it's the luck of the draw. Have to ask yourself if the chance of an angel on the reef outweighs the potential risk of losing corals, and/or tearing into the tank to remove a problem fish.
(For me, without question the beauty and intelligence of angels outweighs the risks)
As for the two angels you specifically picked, I think it should be geared more towards "whose had flames live, and whose had bicolors live." If this is your first angel, your decision should be pretty easy. The flame. A hardy angel that is very often successful. The Bicolor on the other hand, is not a starter angel. They have notoriously poor survivability records. There are reasons bicolors are $19.99 and flames are $49.99-$69.99. Flames typically come from places with much better history of safe/proper collection, such as Hawaii. The best thing you can could do, is always ask whoever you plan on buying your angels from, to look on their documents and see where the angels are from. If they can't tell you, consider moving somewhere else.

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I have had my bi color now for 8 months. I placed a rock in my tank that had about a dozen zoa's. He and my emp angel made sure they had very short lives in a very quick manner.


Thanks for the advice. I know it is hit r miss with angels but I was just wondering if one was more likely to pick then the other. This is not my first angel but the first for this tank. I was just asking about the coral nipping between the two of them. I don't know if I am even going to get one for this tank. Still researching the both of them.


Been in the market for a Hippo tang (desire for those colors)..... but lately they have been too $$$ or too small. Ended up taking home a bicolor while I'm waithing for the Hippos to come into season dollar wise.
Well......this guy must really hate the site of humans (or just me)......I have to watch him pick at algae from out of site.....as soon as he gets the slightest glimps of me.....he disappears into the rock. Its getting on my nerves. I cant even get a good look at the fish that I'm supporting. I could have gotten a clear colored fish cause he is not adding any beauty to my tank at all from deep in the rock!!!!

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I have one. They take time. Put a chair in front of the tank. Turn out all outsid elights except tank and watch. It will take a few weeks. The less traffic the better for now. Mine comes out a lot.