Fluval FX5 help needed


OK.....I have had my FLUVAL fx5 hooked up for a couple of weeks now.....yesterday it started putting out micro bubbles.....very slow...and over time more...and more would come out
IF I unplug the unit...it will restart W/O the bubbles, BUT then after time they will begin to come back


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Mine used to do it sparatically - but not continuously. It went away. Make sure the clamp down things are are really tight. How is it when it shuts off daily, mine used to scare the sheet out of me. Also try reducing the flow on the discharge a bit.


Last time I pulled the plug it may have fixed it (for now) I'm not sure I am ever here when it does the daily shut off....and the unit is so quiet I would never hear it


Mine would do this from time to time, figured out that it was caused from the way the flow from the MP40s were pushing water into the intake.

tom b

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the fix -----is to unclip the intake clips holding down the ribbed hose going over into your fish tank----than after unclipped. take more ribbed hose from the filter and wrap more around into fish tank so that the ribbed hose connector and hose connection to the intake tube. is all under water----bubbles are getting in on the intake hose connection to the tube that goes down to the intake screen-----you might need to shorten this plastic tube----anyway after wrapping more ribbed pipe around into fish tank so the connection is under water---reclip the ribbed hose down. fixed