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It bobs in a gelatinous little hunk of goo.....
It's really hard to judge by my fish, 'cause they aren't water column fed fish, which this is probably more intended for.
I can cut it and put it on a feeding stick and most of my fish will eat it. I need a new link to the survey and I will fill ya in more after :)


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I will try the food out tonight also. I will post my experience later.
Ok, I did my first feeding and here are my results. I followed my normal way of feeding frozen food. I take a bit of the frozen food and put it in a glass add some vitamins. I let it sit until it melts then add some tank water. I swish it around until the food breaks up.
I use a Kent sea squirt to feed with. The food was took big at first so I took the end off the squirt. I was then able to suck up some food. I added the food and the first went for it immediatley but a lot was spit out because the food was too big. This happens when I use PE mysis too. The fish would go after the spit out food and try eating it again and sometimes had success. My serpent star did get lucky and grabbed a big chunk of food which was nice to see cause I never know if he eats enough.
I should have given some to a couple of my corals to see how they would react but was focusing more on the fish. I plan to cut the food up into smaller pieces before feeding again. I have to do this with the mysis and had better success with it.
First conclusion is the fish appear to really like the food but I need make some of the pieces smaller. I will review again soon.

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Meowzer, all 18,000 of your posts are sweet and sincere.
You my friend have to get some other reading material