Free Package to the 100th post

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The rules are simple: The 100th post in this thread - this being the first post - will win a FREE $79 live goods order from There are no shipping charges. It's totally free!
Please follow the rules
You can only post twice.
You can be the 5th post and the 100th, but not the 5th, 87th, and 100th; in other words, post once, then wait until it gets to crunch time and try to make your second post the 100th.
You don't need to write anything in the post. You can just put a * if you want.
If someone posts more than twice - with the exception of the end of the contest - not only will they possibly be removed from the board, but any of their posts past their first two will not count towards the 100th.
"Sharks" are eligible, of course.
Past winners can post, but they can't win.
The winning member will have their IP cross checked, and if they posted under more than one name they will be removed as a member.
You must be 18 or older to qualify and you must live within the 48 states, but their posts count too.
We will post the winner in the thread as soon as we can.
Please follow the rules


Gotta love free stuff!
I guess if everyone saves their two posts this will never reach 100.... I will sacrifice my first post for the good of the group.

You're welcome all....donations are accepted.


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I Really don't want to stay up until 3 in the morning to try for that last post...