Hammers and frogspawn not looking good


Every three to four weeks on floss I discard and put in new.check my bio balls and clean out skimmer. Then move onto the base area with chemipure and elite plus two purigens one on each side clean those as well and then pretty much reuse the carbon until little after month or so and I change just one side at a time


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That type of filter is essentially a canister. Very good at removing small particles and for chemical filtration. The particulates that get trapped inside the media are broken down to ammonia and nitrites by aerobic bacteria which do well in the environment in a canister filter but the next step of breaking down nitrate to nitrogen needs anaerobic bacteria which don't do well in a canister because there is too much oxygen. Nothing wrong with canisters except they need weekly maintenance. Thorough cleaning once a week to get the trapped ditritus out of it or it just dumps nitrates back into the water. Very good chance the nitrates are coming from that.