Happy Spring Everyone!


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LOL...The calendar may say spring, but the weather says it's still old man winter out there. It isn't spring until I see the little buds on the trees....


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Yep, its still rather cool in North FLA as well. Though it does warm up during the day. Its been a cold winter!
I get here at 6:15am, no snow, warmish temps. (Low 40's). I go to the back to bake, and come out two hours later... 27 degrees and a white out that just dropped three inches on us. Happy spring to you too!

darthtang aw

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New mexico had a mild winter. We are full tilt into spring. 70 during the day...trees budding...etc...hell I have a backyard full of nyger plants that sprouted from our bird feeders. Looks like a damn pasture I need to get rid of it before it gets really bad.


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Mentioning budding, its odd that the trees at my location have not budded at all. They usually are well on their way by mid-March.

bang guy

This has been my worst year for Maple Syrup ever. Unless things get back to normal soon it may be a complete bust.