Help, are these alive and sick or dead


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ive had these for about 5 months and theyve been like this for three months, if they are alive how do i help them. They are in a 29 gallon tank with 2 false percula clowns and a valentini puffer. I have a 65 watt coralife light.



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touch them. if you see them just fall apart then they are. if not get lugol coral dip and dip them in that.


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Could they possibly need more light? I am not familiar with your fixture but it doesn't seem like very much light. Are they on the top of the tank? If not, then maybe you could move them to the top for more light?
The other thing is.. maybe they are getting too much flow and so that is why they are closed? try moving them to a different spot with more light and less flow?
Those are my best guesses for you, other than maybe a pet of some kind.
Do you ever see like little bugs or worms on them? Try looking at night with a flash light.


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Maybe but My zoas are 6 inches from the surface of water and they are under coralife fixtures. It's a 4x 64 watt.... so... I can't see how they would be getting too much.
Are there any other corals in the tank?
Also, what are your salinity, alkalinity and calcium levels at? This could cause a problem...
I only saw the 1 clown in the pick... what else is in there, if anything?


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hmm... Well nothing wrong there... Any change with the zoas? Do you have any other corals in the tank that seem okay? Or are they acting strange too?

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How deep is your tank? Based on the last picture, I would say the issue is lighting. Those zoas are far to far below the surface for the PC light penetration. I've kept zoas under PC lighting, and they always had to be withing 6" to 8" of the light (not the top of the tank, the actual light). Just because the tank is lit up doesn't mean they are receiving enough par to support them.
Also, if they've been closed up like that for three months, chances are good they are goners - as stated, touch em and see what happens. If the polyps are solid, get more LR and move em up towards the surface.


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Also how old are your bulbs? The Power Compacts start to become ineffecient at around 9 months. Your tank does look very dark -- they are/were not getting too much lighting.


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Am i the only one seeing the baby aiptasia in the first couple pictures?
they dont look necrotic to me yet, I would try finding them a happier spot, generally when adding new corals its best to place them in lower light and gradually move them up to where you want them, not place them high to start you could be scorching them if they are acclimated to lower light....

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I'm not sure if a 65 watt coralife could be scorching them unless they were kept in the dark for a long time.