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I'm not a fan of the GARF system so take my advice in that light. I absolutely, strongly, discourage you from going through the hassle and heartbreak of building a plenum.

But in the end, it's your tank.


Oh I agree with you and I'm not a huge fan either but I have used the sand calculator on their site. I don't recommend using anything on their site.

And where did the plenum come from? <G> I think I'm alittle lost


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saltwaterfish has macros as well. (in addition to gulf coast)

floirda aqua farms has some also along with micro algae which is good for filter feeders and feeding thier rotifers. Both of which make excellent coral food when cultured.

they also have an nutrient solution (micro algae grow?) to keep the micro cultures growing.

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What I recommend is you simply start the tank with macro algaes right from the start and then do the rest. Best to protect the macros in some kind of refugium if only a simple partition to the fish won't eat the macros.

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