Help me ID Alien tentacle creature under LR

I got some FL LR in about a week ago and am starting to see some very interesting things show up. Especially on the two very large pieces I got, they are around 40+ pounds each. One rock has alot a variation and makes a 'cave' at the bottom middle of the rock, in the sand.
This rock hase something that I can't see in its entirety. It sends out these flesh colored tentacles that stretch to be well over 12 inches long
. These tentacles appear to be sweeping the sandbed and rock surfaces to pick up debris and dead critters and draw them back to its cave under the rock. It totally looks like an alien creature, it is sooo cool to watch.
But, it gets stranger. I swear that for a brief minute last night, I saw a spidery shrimp like thing with claws scoot out from the backside of the cave and grab a dead crab that the tentacles were dragging in and run back into the rock cave. I know it was not a mantis shrimp 'cause we just caught one of those last night. Totally different. I haven't seen the shrimp thing again and my husband thinks that I have imagined it. :rolleyes: But this morning I saw purposefully placed mounds of sand at the front and back 'entrances' of the cave.
What is going on here? What do you guys think that the tentacle creature is? It sure seems 'big'. Could there be a pistol shrimp or something like that that lives with the 'creature'?
I am practically addicted to watching the tank for weird and wonderful things now. Dishes and laundry piling up........
I have also seen some beautiful red and blue tube worms, reddish-orange sand worms (not bristleworms), earthworm like sand worm, four different kinds of snails and more. Very cool.
Thanks for all input!
I dont have a digital camera yet, spent all of my $$ on LR.:D
I cant see the actual 'body' of the creature, only these long, sweeping flesh colored threads that extend and retract from the cave under the rock. Wouldn't be much to photograph. I will try to see what I can do about the photo situation, though.
Does this sound like anything familiar to anyone?
Thanks again,


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I don't know what it is but I have a smaller one I think. Had it for a while. Just sends out the hair like feelers, flashes them around the rocks etc (not in the water) and darts em back in? Maybe an expert will chime in I'd like to know too. I think this is a fairly common thing.
WOW! I didn't know that a spaghetti worm could get so large. This thing sends out between 3-8 tentacles over 12" long at any given moment. I am assuming that this is a good guy, right? Do I feed it? I sure seems hungry:) Thanks Bang Guy!