Help me name my sailboat.

tx reef

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Originally Posted by Dogstar
From the way it sounds, you should name it " Her Way "
That's a real good one!
Now, whoever comes up with the name for my sailboat wins a zoo frag.


My dad tried to name his "Midnight Yell" after Texas A&M, but my mom didn't like that too much. I like Dogstar's "Her Way". That's a good one!


How about S.S. Minnow
...j/k... No what about Second Wind, Three sheets to the wind, Wind Weaver, Seazure, Blenny's Brig :notsure:

tx reef

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Keep 'em coming.
I will have the wife make her choice Monday evening.
After that I will announce the winner and get contact info and send out the zoo frag.

sea horse

Ok, heres a whole list:
-Sea Searcher
-Gulf Galadiator
-Lone Star Lagoon
-Sea Skipper
-Champaigne Campain
-The Blennie Boat
-Reef Rider
-Zainy Zooanthid
-Frugle Fragger
(Some of these one of my sisters came up with)


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Not sure about the name but I have a good bumper sticker..
Don't like my sailing then call 1-800-eat-sand!