Help me name my sailboat.


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SUMMER WINDS thats a good name i cant wait to get my boat that means fishing everyday :happyfish :happyfish :happyfish

tx reef

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No, not yet.
It looks like poniegirl may be the closest to winning, though.
She proposed a Hawaiian name, so my wife is getting some translations so she can have a Hawaiian name for the boat.


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BTB it is pronounced (phonetically) NEWee Kah-eye. Kai is a quick work with gently clipped, but enunciated vowels.
It is a beautiful language.


Lone Star
Shineher Boat (after Shiner Bock) if Texas you know.
Wave Raven
Captain Insano
He Brews 24:7


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our boat is named "Ski ~ Airra"... its a ski boat and my daughters name is Sierra...
our next boat is going to be named "the SS Around"...

heres a few if you are into the Hawaiian thing...
Don Ho
Tiny Bubbles
My Tie or Mai Tai
Aloha Oe
Hu Ka Makini - means: the winds roar
Onipa 'a - means: stand firm
the Deep Blues Traveler
salvaging sanity
where ever i may roam
Sea Roam
take a bow
Star aboard
lookin port
stand stern
ebb n flow
set adrift
tide tourer

tx reef

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My wife still has not chosen a name for the boat.

Why does the female have to name it anyway?
Oh well, keep 'em coming.
As promised, I will send a zoo frag to whoever comes up with the name she picks.