I need some info on the Banded Cat Shark


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I have been researching on these guys for about 2 days now and I really want to get a tank setup with a one.So I need some help finding a big enough tank for not that much and what other fish i could keep with him.I was thinking about this tank http://www.petsmart....&pfmvalue=titlebut I want a cheaper tank but similar size.If anyone has kept these or knows a lot about them then please help me out.


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I agree w imforbis. Only way around a massive gallon tank is to go oval. But still you would be around 3-350 gal


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I've seen pics where they set up a pool in the basement. Must be some major humidity issues.


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U can keep it in a 20,doesn't mean it will live long. Biggest mistake people make is not looking at adult size. Atleast you get the fact u need a big tank.

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If you go with a low cube tank it can work. Just position rock to turn it into a circle. A 200DD should work as a minimum for a Cat but as stated above a 300DD would be far superior.


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I know it's an old thread but it is still worth commenting on.
After having spent a couple of months researching small sharks myself, I can honestly say you better be prepared to spend thousands. Taking on a shark or ray is much more than simply getting a really big tank or pond (hence why they are listed as expert on all sites that stock them). You are also going to need to setup a really big separate sump with lots of live rock and setup an extensive RO/RODI saltwater pump/exchange system for water changes since there is no other practical way to keep up with the frequent/massive water changes required. Sharks and Rays are super sensitive to Nitrates and what would be perfectly fine for most saltwater fish will easily kill a shark. As for what kind of fish you can keep them with? Very simple: Other rays or sharks. Any other fish, inverts, etc. will eventually become food for them, so unless you are planning on picking up other sharks or rays then you will need to devote a tank or pond to this guy. Personally I would go for a Coral Catshark or Australian Marbled Catshark as they max out at just over 2 feet (instead of the 3-4 feet that these guys get) and you could probably go down to a 180-200 gallon tank for a single specimen. If you are dead set on the banded catshark then something like this might work for the main shark pond/pool: