If you are keeping an anemone



I would like to gather some information about our members who keep anemonies.
I would like to know the following.
1. What type of anmeone
2. How long have you kept it
3. Size of tank
4. What is your current lighting, and or lighting that you have kept the same anemone under in the past. If you changed lighting with this anemone what did you notice.
For the lighting I would like k-rating/spectrum and type of bulb, ballast info if you like. Also the length of your photo period.
5. Frequency and type of food that you feed.
6. Turnover rate of tank.
This is for informtion gathering so -
post pictures
add sideline comments (they will be deleted or moved to different thread)
Flame anyone
Questions about someones method, or any other questions should be placed in a new thread to that person/poster, not here.
Thank you to all that participate. If anyone wishes to add information about there past experinence with an anemone but does not have one now may still do so.


1. LTA
2. 3.5 weeks
3. 90 G
4. 250 W 10000K MH - remote ballast + 260 W PC - 2 10K and 2 actinics. Never changed light in the last two weeks.
13 hours actinics
11 hours whites
7 hours MH
5. silversides, cyclopeeze, formula one...
1. BTA (2)
2. 1.5 weeks
3. same as above
4. same as above
5. Cant feed anymore since they have relocated to the back of the rocks.....


1. bta (2), it split after a couple of weeks.
2. had it/them since 7/30/04 (not long i know, my first anemone)
3. 30 gallon long
4. 2 X 96 watt PC (10,000K and 03 actinic) ~ 11 hours a day
5. i feed once a week, clownfish feeds as well. i feed it frozen formula one, frozen krill, and omega one shrimp pellets soaked in vita-chem.

salty cheese

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2. About 2 months
3. 46 gal
4. 2x75w VHO URI 50/50, 2x75w VHO URI Super Actinics, ARO electronic ballast (it's the 24" retro kit from hello's), 11hrs.
5. Squid and cocktail shrimp, 2-3 times a week.
6. The tank has been set up 7 months (I know you didn't ask but it seemed relevant, don't be mad:D )


2. 3 months
3. 45 gallons
4. Current Lighting - 250 HQI DE MH
K - 10,000
Spectrum - about 350 Nanometers to 750 nanometers
192 w Power compact - :nope: (Almost lost it)
Photo Period - 1 hours
5. 2 grams frozen clam every week
With all anemones I sugest a strong current


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2. 4 months
3. 36 g
4. 2x65w PC (1x10,00k + 1x actinic) 12 hrs
5. Feed 3x weekly w/ frozen mysid
1. Very large Sebae, started very small,
2. About 3 years, two percs. live in it and they spawn about every
2-3 weeks with eggs making it to hatching.
3. 75 gal with 20 gal sump
4. never feed it the clowns take care of it.
5. 48 inch vhos


1. BTA x2 (org. split approx. 3-4 mos after addition)
2. Under a year, maybe 11 mos.
3. 55g
4. Org. started with 4x65w pcs (2-10k and 2 blue actinic 6700k(?)} Photo-period was 1hour just blue in morning, 10hr full lighting and 1 hr blue in evening = 12 total hours. Recently, changed 1 65w 10k bulb in front of it a little over a month ago and switched a blue to true 03 actinic about week and a half ago. Will be cycling the other 2 "old" bulbs out soon. Photo-period has changed slightly, 1 total hour less of full lighting and instead of 1 hour in the evening it is now 2 = 3 hrs just blue and 03 --> 8 hrs. full lighting = 11 hrs total. With the bulb change I believe both anemones have shown improvement: larger, more full and I think the clone is beginning to split(see my thread).
5. Both get mysis, krill and squid if they can hold on to it approx. 2-3 times a week, sometimes less. And whatever the clowns feed it after they have eaten.


I hope I can remember all the questions...
1) BTA
2) 'bout 11 months
3) 90 gallon
4) Currently 2 250w Ushio's powered by Ice-cap ballasts, with 2 URI actinic VHO's. MH's on for 8.5 hours/day VHO on for 12.
Oh, but I started with 4 65w coralife PC's (Aqualight), then he wasn't happy so I upgraded to 2 175w mh's, where he was happy but not growing, so I upgraded again to what is listed above.
5) I feed him krill or squid bout once a week, but my clown often takes food to him throughout the week.
I think that's it...:D


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2. 2 weeks so far
3. 58g
4. 400w 10k mh, 2x75w vho actinics. 8hrs.
5. shrimp, scallops 2 or 3 times a week
6. 16x-18x turnover

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1) one Heteractis Malu
2) about 7 months
3) 20H
4) 1X compact FLU 6500K (11W), 10 hrs
1X compact FLU 6500K (7W), 8 hrs
2X compact FLU 10000K/actinic 03 (10W), 12 hrs
5) what ever the Amphiprion clarkii feeds and one small clam every other week
6) about 20X turn over


1. BTA
2. 6 mths
3. Just upgraded to 55
4.Standard fluros, one blue and two white. Has been under this light since day one.Was originally snow white, slowly gaining a bit of colour.
5. Brine shrimp or fish dinner every 2 or 3 days
6. One death in 8 months.


9 months split last month
20 gallon till about 2 weeks ago, moved to a 45 gallon
PC 65 w dual daylight 65 w dual actinics 2 1 watt night leds
photo period, 12 hours actinic 10 hours daylight
12 hours night white leds
every thur spot feed everyone, BTA gets shrimp, clams, cyclopeeze changes weekly.
tank is 1 year old, live rock, live sand, protein skimmer and hang on back of tank whisper power filter.
BTAs doing great with the move, even though they split, they still do not leave each others side, my maroon keeps them both happy.


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rose bubble tip anemone
about 3 weeks
22gallong, 24Lx12Wx18H
2x65w pc
year old tank
silversides or a little bit of brine shrimp, silversides every 2-4 days


BTA in a 46 since October 2004. 192 watts of PC actinic and 10K lighting. I did change lighting since I moved to a new tank from a 29 with 65 watts of the same PC lighting. I see more bulbous tips on the anemone.
Also have a sebae in the same tank, no change noted with the move, it seems to like being low in the tank, potentially under less light.


*Sebae anemone
*Just about 4 months
*85 gallon flat back hex (28x18x24)
*4x65 watt Compact Fluorescents. 2 half 6700k 1/2 10,000k and 2 1/2 670nm 1/2 03 actinic. Actinic on for 12 hours others on for 8-9 hours.
*Tank is almost 5 months old
*Feed it shrimp or clams if eel dosn't steal it. Also feed it and corals with invert food. Feed every 3-4 days.
*Tank does 10x each hour. Has 90lbs of live rock, 3 in layer of hopefully soon live sand, and a cheap protein skimmer soon hopefully to be upgraded to a Aqua C Remora.


1. Pink Tip Haitian
2. 2 months
3. 29 gallon tank
4. 30" 130 watt pc aqualights with 50/50 bulbs. They come on at 1 and are off at 9:30.
5. Raw shrimp and brine. I feed it every 3 of 4 days.
6. Not sure how to calculate that, I have 1 zoomed powersweep, and two powerheads for my hob fuge and bak pak skimmer.


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Originally posted by Ross
2. 2 weeks so far
3. 58g
4. 400w 10k mh, 2x75w vho actinics. 8hrs.
5. shrimp, scallops 2 or 3 times a week
6. 16x-18x turnover

I've had it for about a month now, and it split already.