If you are keeping an anemone


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1. Rose BTA
2. 9 months
3. 55 gal
4. Power Compacts, 2x65W 10,000K and 2x65W 50/50, previously had 2x55W Actinic instead of the 50/50 and the anemome extends out more with the 50/50 and grew faster. All lights on 14-1/2 hours/day. Bulbs changed every 6 months. I will be changing to MH/T5 next month so I will be watching the results closely.
5. It gets a few scraps daily from my fish feed (mysis, formula one, or custom mix). My percula clowns ignore it completely. I do a direct feed 1 or 2 times per week. I give it either vitamin soaked squid, formula one or vitamin soaked shrimp. In all cases several 1/4" x 1/2" peices. It has done well with this feeding schedule as it has trippled in size.
6. Total circulation is about 20x (with skimmer, refugium and HOT filter). Power heads alone are about 16x