IT'S OUT OF CONTROL!!! Anyone like Pom-Pom??


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Where are you? Yenia don't ship to good from what I've read. If close I'd love some....Ohio here..

If you tie a piece of styrofoam with a rubberband to it when shipping and let the foam (xenia upside down of course) float you will have better sucess at shipping xenia anywhere.


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hey i'm sure this is a long shot but if u still have any i'll take some..

I second that
I can send you a paid for FedEx label all you would do is slap it on the box!
Thanks in advance I hope there is some left.


I also have a crap load, but the cost of overnight shipping is the only downfall. Don't think it'll make it any other way.


all, i would love some pom pom if they are free(i'll pay for shipping)
i'm fairly new to reef keeping and have just set up a 20gal mini. ( 6mo. old )fully cycled and filled with nice l/r. skimmer and 240W power compacts
i have some zoa's, a few shrooms , gsp, and a devils hand. 1 percula clown and a orange peel damsel
would love to add others with some help ( buy or trade )


if you giving it away i would love a small frag if you have some to spare.
i just set up a 20 gal mini and have a few polyps and a leather coral in there now and looking to add a few more softies.
e-mail me
i live in NJ and i could pay shipping


Hey whats up,I have some pulsing xenia that I got about a month ago from Steve Bonebrake on this site and it already split more than once I can probably get one to you where in NJ are you I'm in Hazlet let me know