Lagoonal Reef

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Whats next?

My current project is raising Ocellaris Clownfish Fry. My next will be raising Green Mandarin Dragonette fry. I've never got the Dragonette fry past 5 days. I think I now know why......

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are u going to put any aggressive fish in ur lagoon, like eels or sharks?

I've considered a Zebra Moray or 4. As I understand they pretty much ignore fish and go for the crustaceans. If I found some large ones I wouldn't have to worry about my Amphipod population.

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acccually i was gonna ask if he would ever put a stingray in there

I consided some hobbiest bred Blue-dot Stingrays. After further research I turned them down as too predatory on sand bed infauna and fish.


All i can say is WOW!
Any chance of a picture of the hole thing as it sits right now? And iv read most of the thread but i didnt see how many gallons that is, or maybe i just missed it. Nice stuff!!



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but i didnt see how many gallons that is, or maybe i just missed it.

900 gallons


Thats one big ass REEFUGIUM, bills-bills-bills. What are your plans when u get bored of it and want to start something new. Are u going to sell it or keep it?
Damn nice REef though, wish I had one. But no room in my aparment, I'll stick to my 20 and 70gal LOL.:jumping:


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actually bang guy should build these things for a living now. buy a flat bed truck hire a truck driver and ship these babys nation wide... until he creates an empire for himself...
stunning. That should get you a Dr. to put before your name.
It sure would be nice if you could find some way for it to pay for itself.
I'm very impressed with the skills.


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If the DEA knocks on your door we'll all know why. They are probably expecting to find something else in your basement based on your electric usage.
We love your posts.

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Originally posted by The Josey Wales
stunning. That should get you a Dr. to put before your name.

I'm at least a year away from my Doctorate :D Then it will be Dr. Bang


*cries* its SOOO beautifull!!!!!!! i love this, i love it, i love it so much that i hate its creater. you rock, you are my role model!!!!!
Mommy when i get older i wanna be juuuust like him!!!!
i...i...i.....ENVY YOU!!!!!!!!
*cries* NOOOOO i'll never have a lagoon!!
yeah well i have a bowl of soup and you dont!!!!!!
ha ha, you rock man


Hello Bang Guy,
Did you do this in part to purify your well water so you could have an abundance for display tanks? but it is cool in its own right.
I have read about a guy who ran his tapwater thru the roots of a bunch of green houseplants (planted along the length of a ~6inch diameter pvc pipe he cut 4 inch holes into) to remove zinc for his freshwater tanks. Worked for him!
Cool none the less.

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Hi Kathy,
The original plan was simply to provide Zooplankton for the reef. It has done that beyond imagination.
I believe my DIY limewater setup purifies the water of heavy elements and the sandbed in the Lagoon can process Nitrate.