Leaving the Hobby


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Hello all you saltwater hobbyists.
I just wanted to say Thank You for all your help, info etc on these wonderful forums. I have learned so much from you all and will always remember it. I have refered this site to many people I run into looking for that "saltwater help" and will continue to do so.
I just sold my 5 gal nano tank and all contents to a local reefer whom is very excited about all the goodies I had in this tank. For a better word of it I have just lost interest in it and it was time for it to go to another person whom will enjoy it.
I never wanted to go bigger as some might have suggested as the cost here in Cananda is insane for this hobby. That was not the reason for leaving the lack of interest in it was.
So thanks again to you all for the great help and advice, may you all have many happy years of reefing.


Good luck Debbie....hate to see you go, but I know the feeling sometimes.....hope you stick your head in here still once in a while/img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif


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just about all of us have been ready to call it quits at one time.most that give it up go buy a tank again at some time.good luck to ya.
If you don't enjoy it anymore or can't find time for it, you did the right thing! Its hard but you know you made the correct decision.


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Thanks to you all. I know I made the right decision, my heart really lies with the freshwater and my koi pond. I do love the saltwater fish though, some good friends of ours have a 125 gal so I can visit Nemo anytime :)
Thanks for the past 6 years of helping me along the way and wish you all the best.
Debbie (Now signing off)