Lets get serious... why are CUCs so advocated to new hobbyists?


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My opinion is that CUC is stressed to newcomers is because it is often overlooked in new tanks, and often newcomers lack the "observe and respond" ability. Don't confuse 'respond' with 'react'.
I totally agree where you are coming from....Until I got on this site I never even heard of a CUC. I talk to people all the time, just chit-chat at the check out when I buy my fish food, and nobody knows anything about CUCs at all. They think of snails as part of the fish stock if they want it, and most don't because in freshwater, snails turn into pests. When folks decide to go saltwater they have that frame of mind. Having a plecostomus is the closest thing they ever heard of a critter that is supposed to clean....and after having FW tanks for over 30 years, let me tell you...those fish as a cleaner, is a huge disappointment. At least in saltwater tanks, our cleaners actually do their job.
New folks don't even ask about it, because they never heard of it before. I don't know how many times we mention a CUC, and the next question asked is "what is a Clean Up Crew?" So naturally we jump in and tell them all about it.

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When you say not having more than one hermit crab, do you mean the larger ones, or the smaller blue/red legs?
In my opinion, a single Blue-Leg is more than enough for about 10 square feet of sand bed and live rock, about what you have with a 150 gallon tank. They are omnivores which is great but from a predator standpoint they are significantly higher up the food chain than most people realize.