Live rocks with aiptasia - New tank being set up!

Fernando Parra

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Hello everyone,

I need an advice about live rocks!

I have some live rocks with aiptasias in my current tank and I would like to transfer all the rocks to my new bigger tank but I wouldn't like these pests in my new tank.

What do you guys suggest I do? Is there any chance to eliminate this pest without harmful the biology of the rocks?

If you were in my shoes, if you have a new tank but want to use yours live rocks with aiptasia, what would you do?

Thanks a lot!
Fernando Parra

florida joe

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while they will most certainly eat aiptasia Why spend the money on a fish for the sole purpose of getting rid of the apitaisa. If you want the fish aptasia or not then go for it if not don't


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I tried nudibranchs - no luck. Then I added two peppermint shrimps, and my problem disappeared. I did use Aptasia-X on the larger anemones since the shrimp mainly eat small specimens. Once you get ahead of them, the shrimp will keep the aptasia problem under control.