LOA conspiracy...


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I've been working on getting the LOA fixture for over my fuge, but it seems like everyone has a different model #. What is the correct model? I'm thinking the one with 6500K on the box, but need the model #.
Is it worth upgrading from my 2X20w NO's? What Kelvin # NO bulbs should I be using over the fuge anyways? One of the bulbs isn't cutting it.
I don't have the box anymore...but if you find one with the 6500kelvin rating on the box..........that is the one you want!!!
I also think it is worth the upgrade...they only cost 24.96 where I am at,in fact I use one over my 30 gallon reef with some pc lighting........IMO they are well woth the money.


Ok, here is a dumb question....If you got it from Walmart, what section was it in?? I looked the other day out of curiousity but couldn't find it in the lighting section.


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The LOA lights that I saw at Super Walmart were in the hardware department in the same area that ceiling fans, lights, light fixtures etc are sold.


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OK, I went to Home Depot and was staring at a flourex 65 watt bulb fixture. It is a security light. I think that this is what I am going to get. I don't think that the 9066 is offered anymore. At least it's not on the LOA website. The website does say that all of the Flourex bulbs are 6500K. Sounds good to me I think that I'm buying it tomorow.