Male clownfish eating eggs after years of successful spawns.


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After years of successful spawns my male clownfish has stopped caring for the eggs and started eating them.

This all started happening 7 clutches ago, i usually take the eggs out on hatch night and move them to a separate tank. I was unable to do it at night so i did it during the day with the lights on while the male was still tending to the clutch.

Ever since then when ever the female is around he leaves the nest and when she is gone he comes back to the nest and eats at the eggs. He gets copious amounts of food already (fed four times a day). I wouldn't expect him to be doing this for so long after the one experience, any input would be appreciated, thanks.
How hard was it when you started saltwater? I have an empty 45 gallon tall tank and stand that I need to get equipment for and I'm looking to do saltwater for the first time. I have a bunch of small to larger freshwater tanks but I'm worried salt will just be to much to handle lol.

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Hey ST,

The male will typically eat unhealthy or dead eggs. This often happens when waterflow decreases around the pairs normal spawning area. This could be to changes to the tank or in my case I neglect trimming overgrown corals.

It could also be the case that the male is thinking eggs are unhealthy when in reality they are doing fine. I've seen that happen too.