My Blue Ribbon Eel eats! (pics and videos)


The seahorse is in the 3rd shot of the 2nd post, also seen well in the videos.
Thats an awesome eel you have there! How far does that pipe go down? It would be cool if you had a custom-made green pipe from Super Mario in there haha.


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im still wondering... how does he keep all those different species in there... as far as my noob knowledge go's, i thought the combination of 2 eels, sea horses, corals, tangs etc was a no-no... but it seems to be working for you! whats your secret
(still looking forward to a full tank shot.... thanks

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That is definitly the coolest eel I have ever seen! I am in love!
Don't worry I'm not about to go out and buy one but this is all I have to say...
:jumping: !!MORE PICTURES!! :jumping:


autofreak44: Yes, it's a six inch brazilian orange seahorse. He loves it in there. Sometimes the eel stares at the seahorses snout. Otherwise, the seahorse is always in search of ghost shrimp. The full-tank shot is in my other post (along with the story and videos)... , but I'll post a big one below, too.
Thanks much. But it's only 90 gal. The seahorse is in some of the pics. I also have some seahorse specific pics and vids.. I'll post those below. But the majority of the eel stuff in in the other post.
Yes you are right, I forgot about the copper thing. Well, someone must make some cheap coiled plastic two-inch pipe that LFS's and wholesalers can use. For home use, I think the PVC is best (although harder to make) because you can angle it up out of the sand.
Glad you like it. The sand is only three inches, so the pipe only goes down a bit and then turns (this is shown clearly in the first pics of the other post.)
Yes there were some species that I was told would be a problem (like everything except the yellow tang), and there was some trial and error, but the current setup mixes well. The important things are: The seahorse is big enough to fight the flow; he still must be hand-fed, though. The lookdown must be small enough to not eat anyone else (he'll be donated to LFS at five inches). The scooters and mandarin are supplemented by adding a bottle of copepods every few months. No anemones (as recommended by my maintenance man) because they are too much a pain (moving and stinging), with the exception of a pink rose anemone that I just got. Lots of plankton feeding for all the filter feeders. And the snowflake eel was removed because he tried to pull the BR out of his pipe.
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Tons of pics in the other post for you, and some seahorse ones added in the next post.


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... along with other stuff:

You know your stuff!!!
How long did it take you to get your tank the way it is currently?


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how long have you had that seahorse in with eels. not really recomended since seahorses are very slow eaters. :notsure: and a whole lot of other reasons.


thud: Well I did have some help from my maintenance guy, and there was some trial and error, but the current mix is working well. Tank is now one year old. Most of the good stuff started going in at about six months.
The purple tang was put in a few months after the yellow, and was quite a bit smaller than the yellow at that time. Worked well. They both swipe their tail barbs at each other a lot, but they are just playing. Interestingly, the yellow one sometimes will actually try to pic food off of the eel's and seahorses's body once in a while.
Thanks. Lighting is currently 2X150W halide, and 100W 3-foot actinic. Our tank ended up being expensive for several reasons: We have a weekly maintenance guy come in to clean/fix and water change. The first maintenace guy was an idiot and ruined everything, which had to be replaced. There is lots of coral (not needed for an eel). It's a show tank, with custom stand. And it has a calcium reactor. So, if I did it again (with my one year's experience) I could get it to this current setup for about $10k. But because of the idiot and the trials and error, I'm closer to 20k.
Seahorse has been in about four months. I hand feed him two to four times a day (tank is next to my desk, so I'm right there.) Here are two videos of feeding:
And he/she is big enough to be able to fight the currents. But you are right, if not hand-fed, he could not be in there.


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WOW :scared: NICE TANK
love your selection.... its got like a full color spectrum going on... very fun to look at


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is that a drum or jackknife fish too?
man i hate to pessimistic for such a beatiful tank but you have managed to break sooo many 'rules' of this hobby all in your one 90 gallon tank. how long has the whole thing been up and running?
i wish you luck with your:
elegance coral
pink gonio
BR eel
Drum fish
YT and PT together
(are those orange things sponges?)
sandsifting star
purple linkia
whatever starfish is that orange one


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That is a really nice looking eel and tank, you have a maintenance guy come and take care of it? Does a nice job, only thing I would change is place the plate corals on the sand as they usually do better there, at least from everything I've ever read. Looks like a well thought out setup and very unusual, the real question is do you get any work done with that right next to your desk?