My Blue Ribbon Eel eats! (pics and videos)


AWESOME! you dont worry about the blue ribbon with the snowflake? I would be petrified. love the tank by the way. I'm tempted to set up another myself with a blue ribbon myself, gonna save some of your pics for direction.


autofreak44: The color selection was one of the most important things. After I got a few brown and green pieces, I said no more. Only when I found a bright purple, pink or blue would I get more coral. So usually after browsing a whole LFS for a half hour, I'd find one or two worth getting.
Penny? Don't think so.
And in front of the tank, when the seahorse moves around, he is the centerpiece. Until the eel comes out, of course.
Yes is was a drum. Had to donate it to the LFS though because he started getting big enough to eat the cleaner shrimp. Elegance is going good for six months. Pink gonio? You mean the pink cauliflower? I also now have a pink pot, and a bright pink rose anemone. Tangs were planned: Bigger yellow one first; smaller purple a few months later. They love each other, and play around with their barbs. Seahorse is great... just waits for his next feeding of live ghost shrimp in a net. And he's a strong enough swimmer to withstand all but a direct hit from the pumps (and sometimes he plays arounds the pumps so he will get blown down and tumbles, then he swims up and does it again.) Yes the orange things are sponges. The one kinda looks like a duck's foot.
Yes the maintenance guy come in once a week and changes out 30 gallons, and cleans the glass and skimmer, and checks the reactor, etc. Also he'll put back a coral that has fallen down. The plates often do fall, usually because a hermit pushed it off. I don't put the plates on the sand because we were trying to create a "beach" look. It also give the sand stars more room. As for getting work done, I do, in-between tank viewing sessions. Today I had to do some coral epoxying, and I was in the tank for three hours.
Actually the snowflake was dontated to the LFS after he tried to pull the BR out of the pipe (it's amazing what I see, sitting next to the tank). That story and the video's are in my other post: