's a fish that you don't see everyday


That is correct.....58 F. There's a whole another world out there with cold water....people tend to think of cold water as dull, brown, costly, and boring.....they couldn't be more's a somewhat new addition....


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WOW! What's that, Steve?

looks liek a collonly of jewel anenomes..... yes?


somehow i think my post was deleted? can anyone send me the info on where to get fish like these?? ( . . .


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man they are some unusaul and intrestin fish good 2 see sumthing out of the ordinary for a change well done m8


Amazing fish man! Ahhh I am soo jealous, boxfish are my favorite fish! What kind of fish is the one on the sandbed?

mr. guitar

Awesome fish!!! I've never seen anything like that before. I really like the Shaw's Box because of it's bright colors and "design". All three fish look very healthy. Good luck!


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Everything looks great. Are there pics of other items from your coldwater tank? Maybe even a full shot. Thanks.


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Wow, the pics of your trunk fish are...well, they're awesome (original, I know..) but sheesh. I was inspired to start my tank (just a meesly 37gal) when I was SCUBA diving over some corals in Aruba and saw a very tiny trunkfish and an equally tiny trigger playing over some, I frequent that page in my log book often

I'm hoping to just upgrade to a 46gal bow front soon...I could never imagine...your tank is SO what we would all want to strive for...absolutely stunning. And those of us who find that impossible learn to SCUBA!! ***) Way to go Steve!!! Keep posting!!
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Hey Steve, Do you have any recent full tank pics. You have the most beautiful aquarium I have ever seen in my life.
I haven't seen you on here in a while. Have you posted any recent pics that I just haven't seen?


I really hesitate doing this because I set up these tanks as experimental....not display. I had some extra room in my equipment room to my main warm water, I decided to test the potential for a cold water reef. This is a real ghetto system with no energy put into display aesthetics. Someday, if all goes well on this small scale, I'll set up a real cold water tank....until then...this is all there is. The two small tanks are both cold water....their sump is under the smaller tank on the right......all the other equipment is for the main warm water tank.



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I don't think it looks ghetto at all. In fact, it looks very organized and neatly put together to me. These tanks are awesome. I almost like them more than your big tank since they are so unique.