Not reef safe with fish but would not bother coral and they are atlantic dwarf octos that get a little bigger than golf ball size and eat cut squid hermit crab and very fond of snails the most!

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How long do they live? If I'm correct, they live up to a year. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Also, how much are you asking for it?


hey guys fyi ive had one of these and it was a really kool pet((even tho i didnt see him much)) but if u have any trace of copper in ur tank then the little guy will die:(((and btw they live about 6-8 months
I have a 45 gallon tank that would just be for him, how do i keep the bugger in there so he won't escape? I read that they are VERY smart and keeping them in is a hard thing to do. I have a top on the tank but it has holes in the back for the wires to run through. He can easilly get out through them...
How do you keep them?
I have read people put a fine mesh like screen over them but I have an open back and they have not tried to escape I guess since they are fed well they have no reason to escape.
I also keep the water a litlle below the rim so maybe that is a way to escape proof do know but after a month no escape so I guess I am lucky.
They are sweet and move around the tank and love to eat.


my tank is not established its started cycling but has not finished. how long does a tank need to be established before adding a octopus id be very interested would 55gallons be a good size?