Ohhhh, my Lanta.

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I agree with all of the above. An airstone will help a lot. Were you able to set your skimmer wetter?

Prime is indicated for these situations. Water change, test ammonia, if above 1.0 add prime.

Don't be too concerned about your water source at this point, just make water with what you have, even tap water, and let it sit for at least 12 hours, 24 if ammonia stays low.

Don't dose any alkalinity additives no matter what. If the PH is lower the ammonia is less toxic.


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This ammonia will not go down! Stuck at around 2-3 ppm. Added more prime and an air stone. Fish are still alive but I'm losing faith. Tang is heading down stream though. Hardly alive.


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It probably isn't that high. Prime detoxifies it but doesn't get rid of it. The API test measures total ammonia, that includes the ammonia that the prime has taken care of.


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Well it's been a few rough days. Multiple water changes, 30 gallons on both sat and sunday. Still adding prime, and have 2 airstones rolling. I was sure all the fish were going to die. They were all very still and stayed hidden for a good 48 hours, bobbing up and down and breathing very heavy, very lethargic.
This morning I came out and some of them were out so I added a few prices of brine shrimp to see if they were even interested.
They were. Then all of my fish were out and looking lively, feeding. So I added some mysis and an algae sheet and they choked down. Now everyone is out and acting normal.
I'm thinking maybe I was starving them and plus the stress. Idk. But I am very thankful for the fish that made it through and have learned from the experience.
Currently setting up a aqua fx octopus ro/di system and 2 barrels to always have plenty of salt water on hand, as well as a hospital tank in case I need to remove all fish.

Thanks for yalls help through this disaster.

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Only the ones that hang out in the substrate. O2 levels are lower there and ammonia makes it more difficult for gills to exchange Oxygen.

A long term side effect of ammonia poisoning is brain and/or organ damage from oxygen deprivation.