OT: My New (used) Car

chef jaysen

Sammy I hate to say this but your getting old man. Relax we all have dumb hobbies that we put too much money in. Every age group has one. :D


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I agree with you sammy, if some kid pulls up in a honda civic with a coffe can exhaust, and some other kid pulls up in a cherry 68 firebird I think the ladies would go for the firebird kid. But the again i'm 27, and have been married for five years so I know very little about ladies(probably even less about cars)

a&m aggie 04'

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im 20 and i have to agree Sammy and Broncofish, my first car was a 72 chevelle that i found w/ 46k original miles. Loved that car. Dad still keeps a 67 Camero RS/SS. Fast and the Furious was a joke, the only real car was the Charger. So what im trying to say is there are still some kids my age that believe in "muscle" cars.
you guys are very cool and pleasant.. i always forget that im so young on this message board.. everyone is over 20 or 25.. im still only 18....
and i know what you mean about those little honda civics that are EX blah blah blah... and they lower it.. put some blue lights anywhere that has no light...stickers of things that they probably dont know of... all that crap! I HATE THOSE! but then again, i drive one because my older brother is into those....and i get his car...
he has two 1994 toyota supras...
i drive one which is non turbo - 350+ horsepower (im not too sure)
and his... dear god! its around 650 hp... he fixed it up...
but yes... GO LAWNMOWER SOUND! ;)
hahahhaha and the foil and coffee cans on that ford escort isnt his...its a joke... its just some kids somewhere else making fun of those "four bangers" (as you call them... we call them "rice rockets" here in sf).. entice is a friend of mine and we had a good laugh on that one...
i forgot to mention before about those oh so sweet muscle cars.... YUM! theyre all great.. i would love any type of shelby... (although that might not be considered a muscle...) yum yum
yes... go lawnmower


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Speaking of the Fast and the Furious, Sammy, the only real car in that entire movie was his Dad's, that he flipped through the truck at the end. Now THAT was some muscle! And almost made me cry when they trashed it.
Sometimes I wonder what they do with the cars they crack up in the movies. Some of them arent' all that damaged...hmm...wonder if those can be bought.
j21kickster - Congratulations!


I'm with you sammy. Sticking to the "older" V-8 rear wheel drive muscle cars, of the GM variety myself. They arent the most expensive or saught after but I've got a 1994 Chevy Impala SS (mostly stock) for a family driver and a 1987 Olds Cutlass supreme project car. The Cutlass still has the 307 but I have an Olds 350 rocket out of a '71 442 in the garage just waiting for spring to come around! Grunt Grunt:D Just my 2 cents.
EDIT: But plum70rt might turn me into a mopar guy for a cool mill:rolleyes:


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its a joke, made to make fun of people who spend a lot of their money on their car, i wish i had a bmw M3 to drive