OT: My New (used) Car


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Wow, you did an amazing wax job and cleaned the car very well, looks new to me. I wanted to get a MR2 but i think the insurance here in california for that type of car will cost me more

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What i wouldnt do for a 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe Hotrod. All this one needs is some flames down the side!!
But right now i'll stick with my Acura 3.2 CL Type S. Its a rice powered rocket minus the lawnmower sounds and crazy accessories.
"MMMMMM... Duel Exhaust" - Homer Simpson

and some fat tires


Nice ride J21! How and where did you find one in that good of shape? Hard to come by. I am actually restoring an 85 myself. Got it for $500, and have spent three times that in parts. And by the way, don't worry about the mileage. Mine has 207k on it, and still purring. Just to put a bug in your ear, I am a Toyota certified tech, in case you need a little help with that jewel.
Just remember that the ass end is light, and they push like hell!
and check out www.mr2.com if you haven't already!
Good Luck


I am with the idea of not letting anyone drive your new car. I let a freind borrow my car, and needless to say I dont have it anymore. It was a 1997 mustang cobra converible. It had a lot of work done to it, but it wasnt enough. My freind tried to run from the police in it, and tottaled it.
good luck, ricky cobraless.


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10K- thanks for the reassuring words- my dad thinks i spent too much but i think its well worth it- like i said earlier it also has a new engine that was put in 22K miles ago and a rebuilt trans. It runs like new not a single noise out of place. also where can you get simple parts for the car, such a the plastic square around the inside door handle. or the cap to the engine coolant resivoir? it has a few minot things like that, that need to be replaced but nothing major-


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That car is cherry! Looks like you have a fun ride. Enjoy it.
I've always been a V-8 horsepower man myself. I love the sound of raw horsepower. I liked the fast and furious as entertainment, but I agree the Charger was the best car in the movie. The only part that drives me nuts is when the charger holeshots and pulls the front end up while smoking the tires.
It did start a ricer craze though. They are everywhere and one of them is always trying to get me to race them when I am at a stoplight. I've seen a few that are quite impressive in both looks and acceleration, and I humor them every now and then because I like to take my car through the gears. It's had some minor modificatons and pulls around 12.8 @ 107 in the 1/4 mile.
This is my toy. I just wish I could have afforded it when I was still single. It's a real chick magnet, but at this point in my life, I just have to smile, wave and keep on driving. I can't afford two ex-wives getting child support.

Enjoy the car dude and be safe!


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oh sammy and the others... ok now you guys have to understand why these people look STUPID, this is probably the reason why people make fun of sterotypical "ricerockets"
congrats on the mr-2!:) i had to drop major bank on a new fam vehicle for the wife & 6 kidlins' ('01 chevy 15 pass van w/ back seat out for 2 strollers and boxes of sz 2 and 4 pampers and wipes:rolleyes: :cool: !)
i dream of several cars: 4x4 diesel excursion, bmw 750il, and reality sets in. i'll just replace my '87 volvo 740T w/ another 740T wagon. just a few years newer.:cool: 'specially since i have a teenage daughter who is in major desire of having a driver's license.:eek:
oh...yes.. it will be mine....oh...uh sorrry honey...need more diapers and wipes...i'll go get them right now.....(zoomzoooom in the turbo wagon:D )


Where I live, down the street a kid and a bunch of his friends have a few modified rice burners, Civic's and all that. At least they aren't throwing rocks at cars like some people used to. I just picked up a new to me car last week, a '99 SAAB convertible, just thought I'd share in this entertaing thread.

chef jaysen

I personally like the rice rockets. Cause when they pull up to me in my Volvo s40 they think they can take me. But then thats where hope ends............ Got to love turbos. And its safe too.
As far as car like and dislike, I am more for seeing what they can do to a rice rockets than the fact real men are driving mini vans. Not in my life time........:D


My brother has a 1997 mitsubishi eclipse thats pretty quick for a 4 cylinder. Registers @180 and I'd bet it has some high 100's hp. Now that's quick for a 4 cylinder! I have pictures of it,so if you want to see,I'll try to post. It has some engine mods,17's(chrome),and hopefully he'll drop a turbo in there,but he's getting new pistons and stuff,plus he may be getting a Integra soon,so when I start driving the eclipse may be mines, but I want a Skyline or Rx-7. BTW, this guy has like a 89 Mr-2 and it's supercharged. It's a quick little car(acceration is awesome).We learned when he challenged the eclipse and yes,he lost! But coongrats on the car and e-mail me if you need help on supin it up.(I'm a import "tuner"):D