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Originally posted by ophiura
I miss my rats and mice

None of my current (cats, parakeet, fish) or former (cats, parakeets, rabbit, rats, mice, hamsters, dog, fish) pets pay rent :notsure: How have they been getting away with free rent all these years?!?! Man, I've been ripped off. I'll have to sit everyone down for a talk tonight. But I probably won't have any of them knocked off for that. :D

you must cuz my fish pay up
i didn't mean to piss off anyone .. i was up late and wanted to have some fun
i didn't know so many of you would be irritated by it ...
so i appologize to all i offended ... :happy:
now on with your happy thread


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Originally posted by spacemonkey
This is my Airedale, Capone, when he was a pup.

Spacemonkey, I've got an airdale too. I don't hear of or see many of them. Mine is 7 years old and his name is Winston. He is AWESOME:D