prized coral taking a nose dive or splitting??? i cant tell (pix)



A few weeks ago, we had a major power outage due to someone hitting a telephone pole. The power was out for about 12 hrs, thankfully its summer, so the temp didn't drop, but there was no light or water flow.
All my other corals, sps, lps, and softies have all recovered except my absolute favorite coral, my mushroom. I got it when I first bought my rock when setting up my tank. It was the size of a dime and completely clear. Up until the power outage, it was the size of a salad plate. Its baby mushroom is doing great, and has recovered nicely but this one has me worried.
The mouth is at the top in the pic (the area with a lot of purple and not much green). I can't tell if the mouth is wide open and showing zooanthale or if the whole thing is in the "melting" process because I've never seen anything melt in my tank.
Does it appear to be dying or splitting? I honestly hope it doesn't do either. I wanted to keep it huge :( I'll be heart broken if I lose it because it was my first coral and I basically brought it back from the brink of death as a newbie.
Also, what kind of mushroom is it? I'm not up to speed on mushroom names, is it a hairy or fuzzy or some other?


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If you touch it does it fall apart? Michrooms or Ricordias are very hardy so if your sps and others are still alive I have a feeling your mushroom will do ok. Also if it has color after a week from the incident it should be ok.


Ohhh good. I'm relieved to hear its not as bad as I think. And no it doesn't fall apart when I touch it. It still feels like what I'd imagine the top of a jellyfish would feel like and its reactive to touch.
Thanks for the help everyone :D