Republicans vs. Democrats


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I'm not trying to start a debate, but I'm just curious as to the differences between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.


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Republicans are the ones that are always right.

(Oh crap, here come the torches . Now where can I run and hide) :D


No Tangman, Republicans = EEeeevilll, Democrats = Good!
Ok...ok just kidding. Man, there are differences within the differences within the same party. I consider myself more independent than anything. There are extreme folks on the right and extreme folks on the left. I kinda like the middle because I think it is the best for our great country as a whole.


When I get bored at work, I like to flip around the dictionary at my desk and just for fun I looked up the word, "Republican." I hope you find it as insightful as I have.
Republican n 1: One that favors or supports a republican form of government 2 a: a member of a political party advocating republicanism b: a member of the Democratic-Republican party or the Republican party of the U.S.
Republicanism n 1: adherence to or sympathy for a republican form of government etc. etc. etc.
Clear as mud?


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i agree with the tangman

Why thank you Larry! I just happen to have an extra flamesuit you may want to put on. :D


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being a business owner, i would be surprised if you were a bad wife runs 4 radio stations, so we feel the same pain....uh hooooooooo!!! here it comes........i can feel the heat.


This is how I see it. A rep views things from the top down and a dem from the bottum up. Lemme explain. If a toxic waste plant is giving everybody around cancer, a dem will mostly consider how many jobs would be lost if they shut it down. 10,000 people outa work is a big deal, but a republican thinks it's better in the long run for the state, country and everyone involved to shut it down. So you can flame on either position. They are both right, and they both have consequences.
A republican will do what's best for the over all country. That is both good and bad for you.
A Democrat will do what is best for the individual, which can also be good and bad for you.
When deturmining a candidate, chose who you think will benefit the office to be held and the people to be affected. Do not conclude on just one or two issues, but try to note them all and make the best over all opinion. And mostly, don't be naive. Don't believe anything they say...or anything I say...



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DEMIES: :confused:
I'm not really on any side. Someone convince me to be on one.

Any man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still. In other words you need to look at the issue, take time to view BOTH sides and make your decision without being swayed by outside people. I am a hard right wing republican, and make no apologies for it, But I do not have problems with Democrats. I do have a big problem with LIBERALS and they can be from any party!


Ok I am gong to pain a target on my chest.
Just a historical breakdown, not meant to target any party.
Liberalism gives way to socialism.
Socialism gives way to communism.
Communism is a bedfellow of dictatorship.


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Democrats feel, Republicans think.
Democrats prefer the group, Republicans prefer the individual.
That being said, if ya have to ask the difference between the two on a saltwater board, I'd do some research at their respective sites to form a more educated opinion.:D


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i have to comment on this. i am a dem, but only by choice. how much have gas prices rose since gbush took over? does his family own most of tex oil? did gas pric remain the same in the demo clinton admin? did the dem's ever take us to war? are you having trouble getting a job since gdub took over?
and yet bc we fund nato we are running the world....
i wish i could leave this piece of
country that other people like.:mad: period.


I would like to make a rebuttal, but I do not want this to turn into an argument. I have many friends on this board and we disagree about a lot, but are still friends. Even though you and I do not know each other I would like to think of you as a friend (because of our hobby) and not an enemy (because of out politics).
how much have gas prices rose since gbush took over?
Yes gas has gone up I do not dispute this, but why do the democrats want us to depend on foreign oil? We have many reserves and could drill more if we wanted to. Do not use the environment as an excuse because you have to drill in other countries and they have environments too. If you are going to use that argument then use it for them as well.
did gas price remain the same in the demo Clinton admin?
No they did go up, although not as high. When I was going to college in 93 gas was about .89 per gallon where I lived. By 1999 gas was about $ 1.39 a gallon where I lived (same place BTW) about a .40 increase. Some is just plain inflation. 2000 gas was roughly $1.45 a gallon, where I lived and is now $2.05 a gallon, about a $.60 increase, again some due to inflation. Fact: Clinton signed a gas tax hick during his last quarter in office of $.23 a gallon factor that into the .60 and you come up with a .37 increase. Does this mean Bush is better with the gas prices than Clinton. Not at all, and no matter who is in office it will continue to go up. Just a fact of life.
does his family own most of tex oil?
Nope the Bush family does not own any oil co. or stock for that matter. Chaney owned stock, but sold it before he went into office because it would have been a conflict of inters.
did the dem's ever take us to war?
In fact they did. Do you remember Somalia? Does bombing an aspirin factor come to mind? Do you remember Yugoslavia?
One other thing we had the ‘93 trade tower bombing, master minded by Bin laden If Clinton had gone after him, OR even accepted him when turned over by our allies, we would NOT have has 911, and therefore not have gone into Afghanistan! But no go on ahead and blame bush.
are you having trouble getting a job since gdub took over?
This would take way to long to properly answer, but the short of it is unemployment is way down this year. Unemployment was on the way up at the end of Clintons administration. With the burst of the internet bubble and 911, neither President had it easy, and believe me I would like to say it is Clintons fault (see last point about war) but I will again let it rest on both men.
Simply put to bring justice to terrorists, and freedom to people. After the 1st Gulf war the UN (not the US) put sanctions on Irac, that the UN (not the US) never enforced. This allowed Sadam to Kill thousands of his own people (innocent BTW) and harbor terrorist in his country. Do not start with the WMD’s because this was only one point among many for going to was with Irac, and not until after we did not find the Weapons themselves (not proof they were there at one point) Did the Liberal Democrats start with the hole we went to find WMD’s. It was NEVER the only reason!
and yet bc we fund nato we are running the world....
I do not even know where to begin with this. It is not even close to being right. The UN wants to run the US, not the other way around, but we as a country are not going to leave our safety to a bunch of people who will do nothing to defend us or the world.
i wish i could leave this piece of country that other people like.period.
This I do not even understand (a typo maybe?) If you mean you want to leave the US it is a free country you can. I am only guessing at what you mean.



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i think is a better site to wise up everyone to what is happening on the hill

Yes go here but keep in mind that it is a left wing extremist page. So make sure you do your homework and not look at one sides vies only. Hay I am on the other side, and still I encourage you to read it, and do the investigation yourself. I believe if you do this you will find the truth. Again do not let anyone sway you not this sight, not these guys giving you Dem info and not even me. You will find it much more rewarding discovering the truth for yourself, and will be able to better explain why you believe what you believe.



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Nice replies Aquaman. Very well put without emotion and stating the facts. Good Job!

Thanks, I am not interested in converting people, I think the fact will make all the changes anyone needs if they are honest and take the time to do there home work.